Cycling – Not Just for Men

Walking into a bike shop can be intimidating, especially for a woman. There is this air of male-dominated elitism that pours out of the door as you open it. You worry that they will know just by looking at you that you’re not an avid cyclist. And if you end up speaking to someone, will you be able to understand the lingo that they speak? Will they snicker at your riding style or the distance you plan to ride? You try to blend in as much as possible as you move across the sales floor, but you feel like you stick out like a sore thumb. You finally find the women’s section in the back corner and the selection is small and all pink.


This is an all to common experience for female cyclists walking into bike shops. Stores have focused on men – and women have just been an afterthought. The sport use to be male dominated, but that has changed. So why do some bike shops still act like only men ride? What’s with the limited selection of women’s apparel? And why are the jerseys always pink? Girls like blue and green and orange too!

At ERIK’S, we strive to have a welcoming, friendly store environment for everyone. We understand women cyclists. We carry a large selection of bikes and gear made specially for women…and jerseys that come in more colors than pink.

Make sure to check our website for the latest products and prices

Make sure to check our website for the latest products and prices

We think it is awesome that women’s cycling has taken off at both a competitive level and a causal level. As more and more women walk through the doors, our goal is to create raving fans of ERIK’S. We know that women are different than men and we want to provide women with quality bike equipment that works for their style and for their body type. We want to sell products that are designed from the ground up for women. None of this shrink it and pink it stuff.


Terry and Specialized are the brands that understand women’s cycling the best. ERIK’S carries both product lines because we believe that they make quality product with women in mind. We couldn’t agree more with Terry’s mission: “Get more women riding bicycles – comfortably, safely and beautifully.” Whether they are lycra loving cyclists or the casual comfy cyclist, Terry and Specialized have the products for all styles and shapes and you can find it all at your local ERIK’S.

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