The perfect blend of technology and tradition – Bianchi Bicycles

Bianchi’s Infinito CV is the perfect bike for long rides as well as going head-to-head on your favorite group ride. This was the take away from our first rides on the Infinito CV last year, and the hits don’t stop there. Bianchi may be the oldest bike manufacturer in the world, but technologies such as their Countervail vibration damping technology and others keep them at the forefront of the cycling world, whether it’s the pro peloton or the local club ride. Available either with Shimano Ultegra, or with Shimano Ultegra Di2 and disc brakes. Here we take a look at this great endurance ride as well as some of the other C2C (Coast to Coast) bikes from Bianchi. These bikes are available at select ERIK’S locations across Minnesota and Wisconsin – check the product pages linked here to find one near you.


Infinito CV

BIanchi Infinito CVThe Infinito CV is tailor-made for long rides, but don’t let the extra comfort fool you, this bike still rails on corners and has power to spare when accelerating. With a higher head tube and longer chainstay, the Infinito will keep you comfortable however long the day’s ride is. The secret of the Infinito CV’s comfort is the Countervail technology. By introducing a viscoelastic material to the construction of the frame, Bianchi tweaks the typical nature of carbon fiber for the better, but don’t take our word for it:

 Impulso / Impulso Dama

ERIK'S stocks the Bianchi Impulso at a handful of our locations across MN and WI, but if you're interested to see what this bike is all about, find out where you can ride one on ERIK'S website.

ERIK’S stocks the Bianchi Impulso at a handful of our locations across MN and WI, but if you’re interested to see what this bike is all about, find out where you can ride one on ERIK’S website by clicking this image.

Bianchi Impulso Dama - comfort and value combined in this aluminum endurance bike from Bianchi

With a Hydroformed aluminum frame and comfort oriented handling, the Bianchi Impulso Dama is ideal for women who want to go the distance.

Shown above, the Bianchi Impulso, is available in men’s and women’s (Dama models). These models are similar to the Infinito in rider style and are well suited to riding longer distances in comfort. Made with an aluminum frame, the cost for the Impulso comes in lower than the Infinito, making it a good option for beginner riders or those looking for a great value.

The final bike in this category is the Intenso. Where the Infinito represents the pinnacle of technology, the Intenso shares the same frame geometry and utilizes Kevlar in the fork and seat stays to give it enhanced vibration damping over a standard carbon frame. ERIK’S carries the Intenso in women’s and men’s versions spec’ed with Shimano 105 or Ultegra 11-speed drivetrains. We’re partial to the trademark Celeste Green, but if you prefer something less iconic, the 105 level bike comes in red.

Intenso / Intenso Dama

2015 Bianchi Intenso Dama Ultegra

The 2015 Bianchi Intenso Ultegra

The 2015 Bianchi Intenso Ultegra

Wheel on in and try one today, and get ready for a season of epic rides!

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