686 Youth Winter Outerwear – Grows WITH Your Kids

Everybody starts somewhere. For every kid, this means that a new boarder or skier spends a lot of time IN the snow – maybe more than they spend ON it. This is true even when they’ve got the skills down and are following mom or dad everywhere on the mountain.

Because of this, it is critical that young riders be comfortable and dry. Good gear goes a long way for these riders, but its often overlooked since they outgrow it SO FAST! 686 has gone a long way to answering this problem with all of their youth apparel. All 686 Jackets and Pants that Erik’s carries use Youth Evolution Technology from 686; this gives you pants that are 1 1/2 inches wider and 1 1/2 – 2 inches longer in the leg, simply by taking a scissors to a red thread in the body. By snipping the same thread in  686 Jackets, you can gain up to 2 inches in sleeve length.

By cutting one or two color-coded threads, you can make your child’s clothes last longer. Your little rider stays comfortable dry, and happy, and you save on not jumping from size to size as readily.

For Boys jackets, Youth Evolution technology is available in the Snaggleface and Mix jackets as well as the Ridge Ridge Pants. For Girls, The Zoe and Gidget Jackets as well as the Brandy Brandy Pants from 686 feature this technology. With Youth Evolution, there’s no need to fear outgrowing the clothes in a month, or having to by comically oversized clothing for the purpose of growing int.

Make riding fun AND comfortable for your skier or boarder. Check out the some of the available styles below:

The 686 Boy’s Snaggleface Jacket grows with young riders AND is a popular look.

The 686 Mix jacket for Boys is easy to spot on the hill when it’s time to leave for the day.

686 Zoe Jacket – perfect for skiing, boarding, or playing in the snow, and for a longer time than other jackets on the market.

The Gidget Jacket has great looks AND features the Youth Evolution system from 686 that allows for your grom to grow.





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