ABUS Bicycle Locks – Now in stock at Erik’s Bike Shop

ABUS Bicycle Locks - Made in Germany since 1924

Erik’s Bike Shop is proud to be carrying ABUS Bicycle Locks. High security, high quality bike locks for every situation. ABUS – The Good Feeling of Security!

Here at Erik’s we know how important bikes are to our customers… we feel the exact same way. Because of this we want to make sure we carry products that offer the best security for those times when you have to leave your bike unattended in a public place (or anytime you leave it unattended). ABUS Bicycle Locks have some of the most secure, innovative Bike Locks in the business and so we are proud to now be carrying a range of their locks in stock at our stores and available for purchase online at http://www.eriksbikeshop.com. ABUS have been making locks since 1924 and in that time they have finely honed the craft to not only produce locks with outstanding mechanical security, but are also easy to use, lightweight and compact when not in use. One of the prime examples of their craftmanship and ingenuity is in the Bordo Line of folding locks. ABUS Bordo 6000 Folding Bike LockThese locks fold up into a small included rubber carrying case, but when in use offer the same kind of security (if not higher) then you would see in a regular U-Lock. Here are the models we are currently carrying:

As always, if you have any questions about any of these ABUS locks or any other products we carry at Erik’s Bike Shop, please shoot us an email!

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3 responses to “ABUS Bicycle Locks – Now in stock at Erik’s Bike Shop”

  1. Marilynn says :

    Do you also carry or can you custom order one of the NEW 2014 Abus Bordo Models?

  2. Marilynn says :

    There’s a New LOCK 2014 ABUS BORDO BIG 6000 that is 120cm the longest Foldable link lock made. We will be locking two bikes together and this lock should work best. In the past most locks were 75cm to 90 cm so this New Product is Great!

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