Minneapolis Bike Tour QR Scavenger Hunt is on!

To get everyone ready for the Minneapolis Bike Tour, join in on the first ever Scavenger Hunt –  a fun way to learn about the Minneapolis Park System and Erik’s Bike Shop! The goal is to find as many QR codes as possible before the scavenger hunt ends!

From now until the end of August, start collecting weekly clues that will lead to QR coded displays placed in secret locations around the city! You first have to figure out the first clue listed to find the first QR Code. Once you get to the code, you then need to use your mobile device to decode the QR Code and check-in. We will keep track of how many you find and post new clues to new locations each week. Successful decoders who collect weekly images will become eligible to win prizes!

Clue #3

To find this clue, you must find one of Erik the Bikeman’s shops, and since there are a few to choose from, we have narrowed it down for you. Find a QR code at any of these 3 locations:

  1. Erik’s Bike and Board Shop located in the Heart of the U of MN Campus – the only 2-story Erik’s!
  2. Erik’s Bike and Board Shop located just north of St. Paul – it used to be a bowling alley!
  3. A NEW Erik’s Bike and Board Shop located just north of Ridgedale Mall – look to the North when you are on 394!

To find all the clues – head to: Minneapolis Bike Tour Website

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