Cycling Knee Pain


10,000  That’s how many pedal revolutions a cyclist will do over the course of an average two hour ride.  If your equipment is not set up correctly, or if you have a muscle imbalance, or are not pedaling efficiently, you have 10,000 opportunities to develop an overuse injury. Read More…

The 400 State Trail


If you visit one new trail this summer, you owe it to yourself to make it the 400 State Trail in the Baraboo River Valley in Central Wisconsin. Stretching for 26 miles from Reedsburg to Elroy the 400 Trail follows the old Chicago & North Western line which ran the 400 miles from Chicago to the Twin Cities in 400 minutes. Read More…

Shop Ride Highlight: Low Road River Ramble


If you are looking for a fun group ride that goes through the Minnesota River Valley, then you should check out the Low Road River Ramble out of our ERIK’S shop in Bloomington, MN. This ride starts at 6pm every Tuesday evening. This is a ‘no drop’ ride and all skill levels are welcome. Read More…

Exploring the Great State of Wisconsin


Summer is officially here and there’s no better time to get out and go for a ride. Looking to explore a new corner of the state this summer? Wisconsin offers a tremendous diversity of landscapes; from the heavily wooded Northern counties to the rolling hills in the center of the state to the craggy bluffs in the Southwestern corner. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best the state has to offer in terms of biking, camping and relaxing, so read on and find your new favorite retreat from the rat race! Read More…

Preparing for Bike Events


As the warm weather approaches, so do those bike events that you committed to for the summer. Maybe they are charity rides where you will ride 25-40 miles. Maybe they are races that you have been training all spring for or maybe they are multi-day rides where you will be riding anywhere from 150-300+ miles! Whichever big event you have coming up, you will have to prepare in someway. Here are somethings you may want to think about before you line up at the start line. Read More…

Get outside and go bicycle camping

Full fenders and a front and rear rack make the AWOL a great choice for bikepacking.

Bicycle camping, or bikepacking, combines so many great things; it’s like a s’more. The graham crackery goodness of exercise and fun on a bicycle, the  chocolatey solitude and natural beauty of camping, and the marshmallowy softness of waking up to bird calls and camp coffee as opposed to your neighbor’s car alarm at 5:30AM. Read More…

Madison Mountain Biking: Quarry Ridge


Madison is a gateway to many amazing bike trails in Central Wisconsin, but if knobby tires are more your style, don’t fear – there’s great single track located in Madison as well! Quarry Ridge Recreation Area is located right next to Verona Rd/151 – but you’d never know it zooming by on 151; it’s tucked back in there. You can get to Quarry Ridge off of McKee or Seminole Highway, just look for Nesbitt Road or Lacy Rd! Read More…

Twin Cities Bike Trails


If you are looking for some great places to bike in the Twin Cities area, you will find no shortage of trails, lanes and paths that can get you just about anywhere in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Over the years Minneapolis has found its name on a few different lists claiming to be one of the best bike friendly towns and in 2015 it was even listed on the Copenhagenize Design Co. worldwide index of bike-friendly cities. This post will be an overview of some of the top trail systems in the Twin Cities but there will be more in-depth write ups on specific trails throughout the riding season. Read More…

Casual Cycling Shoes

DZR Tosca

Sometimes when people think of bike clothing, they think of Lycra shorts, aerodynamic helmets, and funny shoes. But biking isn’t always Lycra and aero. Sometimes you just want to hop on your bike and head to the coffee shop with friends, or go for a casual ride around the lakes. Believe it or not, you can still have performance and be stylish and casual. Read More…

Reflective Bike Apparel is a bright idea

matte grey in indirect light and a brilliant reflective white in direct light with blaze orange accents

Even though the days are longer now, it’s not uncommon to find yourself biking home after dark. Cyclist safety is an important consideration for anyone looking to spend time on a road bike but not all safety wear is created equal. Several studies have found that high-visibility is not as effective as reflective apparel when it comes to preventing incidents on the road. Read More…


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